Healthy meal plan week #1


January is here! A new year with a beautiful number 2020 is a great opportunity for some health resolutions.

Even I set some and one of my biggest resolutions is doing proper meal preparation every single week.

I used to do meal prep a few years ago,and I have to said I was feeling great!  It’s just better to get ready the meals and know what you eat every day. At least you eliminate junk food and snacks.

As I started to be busier I also stopped to eat healthily and was buying more process food or eating out. That was the reason for gaining weight, spending more money on food and eating less healthy. It’s time to get back my health habit and I will share my meal plans with you. 

Let me show you some easy and tasty ideas for meal prep. I work 4 days per week so I make 4 breakfasts, 4 lunches, and 4 dinners. Maybe I will add some healthy snacks recipes because I love snacking and would be great to have some snacks during the week.

As I said I work only 4 days per week so I prefer to cook some fresh food on Friday and keep it in the food containers until Sunday when I do the next meal prep or just make fresh meals every day.

The balance is the key and that’ reason why my meal prep is a combo of salads and some products from the store. (Don’t be afraid to use some processed food but be always sure that it’s part of the healthy diet. Always check the nutrition label and amount of sugar and salt. If you don’t know ingredients or it sounds chemically don’t buy it! Try to find a better option.)


meal plan 1


The startof the day!

Smoothie: Spinach, beetroot, celery, avocado, strawberries, kiwi, collagen, chia seeds, cashew milk.

Cocoa Banana overnight oats

meal plan 1


  1. Salad with vegetarian meatballs: Mix of salads, beetroot, roast nuts, tomatoes and maple syrup dressing. (olive oil, 1 tsp of mustard, a little bit of maple syrup, salt, and pepper. I used vegetarians meatballs by Linda McCartney
  2. Chickpeas salad with non-chicken nuggets: 1 can chickpeas, roasted nuts, tomatoes, salads, beetroot, salt, pepper and olive oil. Nuggets are vegan from Quorn.

*If you like something sweet after lunch, there is a good time to have yogurt with honey or fruits. Keep it simple!


Meal plan 1


Because my dinner is lighter I eat soups or sushi. I love sushi sandwiches as it’s easier to prepare and basically I like it more. I forgot to take a photo, but I will give you the ingredients.

Sushi sandwich: Sushi rice, seaweed, avocado, soya sauce, black seeds, smoked tofu. (Will add the recipe soon …)



I like snacks and maybe because my day is always pretty active I always like to grab something small. I didn’t prepare any snacks for this week but I bought some bars and soya yogurts. 

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